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A.B.C. exhibition photo 1.jpg

Photo: Eight Fang



Ashley Mclean, Alice Z  Jones, Eight Fang

4”50, HD video with stereo sound, loop
Large format print on photo paper, wood, stainless steel, bubble wrap, monitor, headphone set

 “…directed by the secret hope of discovering beyond the misery of today, beyond self-contempt, resignation and abjuration, some very beautiful and splendid era whose existence rehabilitates us both in regard to ourselves and in regard to others.”    - Stuart Hall                                    

A.B.C. is a collaborative work formed from a dialogical exchange between Fang, Jones, and McLean; remembering their moments of learning and unlearning. 
Inspired by the practice of quilting, a process of joining layers of often found or used pieces of fabric together - a tradition traced across the artists’ lineages [Afro-Carribean American, Chinese, and British-Jamaican], A.B.C. brings together disparate fragments of audio and visual components in a form, which materializes cross-cultural poetics of the diaspora.
A.B.C. is the beginning of a shared archive: stories pieced together, unstable and fluid, subjective, contingent on experience and immediate influences. The work offers a reassessment of our pasts: moving to dis-acknowledge the histories presented to us through ‘post’-colonial education systems, histories presented to us as total and complete although lacking, although defined by access, swayed by interest, current, and past censorships. Becoming rather than being, moving rather than still, A.B.C. is a work in process, about common ground and divergence, about connection through the exchange. 

Text by Alice Z  Jones

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